August 2015

We enjoyed the end of summer with lots of fun outside.  That is when I was feeling up to it.  This pregnancy left me with less energy and more nausea than I experienced with Donovan.  Nevertheless, life went on!

We made the big switch to cloth diapers.  Or, at least started testing them out because it is certainly all about trial and error at first before you invest in the whole thing.  Knowing that we had a second baby on the way, I decided to give them a try, since it would save a ton of money over the span of their diaper days.  I am thankful for all of the insight from other mommas who shared their experience with different brands and techniques.  Let me tell you, the cloth diaper world is complicated and vast.  It was hard to know where to start.  I kept it simple with Bum Genius pockets and All-in-ones.  Pockets were my favorite.  Thankfully, Donovan makes mostly wet diapers and his bowl movements are easy to clean, especially when we use a liner.  I know most people think that cloth diapers would be a lot of work, but I found that once we got into a routine, it was really easy to do a load of diapers at night and be ready to go for the next day.  We still keep some disposables on hand and he uses them at daycare.  I have yet to have a diaper that had left a stain!  Plus, I do think that Donovan’s diaper rash issues cleared up a ton once we made the switch. IMG_9344

I was still adjusting to my new job and working with Doug.  I was super thankful for the flexibility since I was feeling so miserable.  It was great taking naps with Donovan on the days that I was home with him.

Donovan loved to play outside so we made a few trips to the park to help him run off some energy.

Donovan loved to explore and climb on everything.  It was a challenge keeping track of him while I was feeling so run down.  I loved that he was so curious about the world around him and I tried to let him try new things.

We also made our first trip to the Glazer Children’s Museum.  Donovan loved it and we will certainly make more trips back when he gets bigger.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for an indoor option for their child.


We shared our big news with Doug’s family this month.  It was nice that more family could be in on our big secret 🙂


Our growing LBD 2 at 12ish weeks

We spent a weekend at Tradewinds for Doug’s fantasy football draft.  It was awesome to have my parents and sister stay with us and enjoy the beach!  Also, The Rumfish Grill was delicious and the fish tanks were an awesome sight to see!

We fit in a Ray’s game, too.  It was actually our second one in that same week!  Donovan enjoyed meeting the Rays!

Us at Thursday’s game:

Us at Sunday’s game…both wins!

We enjoyed one last family dinner with Rach before she headed back to school for her last year at FSU.  How has it already been four years?!?

And, after our visit at the Guy Harvey hotel at Tradewinds, Donovan started making his “fish” face a regular occurrence 🙂

With Love,

From Me to You

July 2015

We celebrated the fourth of July at home and then headed to Sarasota for a family BBQ.  We enjoyed the parade in Brandon that was right by our house!IMG_8783




My birthday was nice and relaxing.  We got our nails done, went out to eat and enjoyed a beautiful Siesta Sunset!






My Grandmother turned 85 this year so my whole family decided that this would be a great time to get together for a Calhoon family reunion in St. Louis.  We went on an awesome tour of Busch Stadium and watched Caleb play in his baseball tournament.  It was nice to spend quality time with family who I do not get to see often.  It was amazing to see how all of my cousins have grow up into such sweet young adults!


Donovan is an awesome traveler!



A selfie with the family on the train in St. Louis!


Not a bad view 😉





Most of the family





Grandma and Donovan 🙂

The annual Anna Maria Island vacation was super relaxing and was filled with lots of Schwartz family fun.  Unfortunately, it rained pretty much the whole time we were there.  I cannot remember the last time that we had that much rain.  We made the most of it anyway with lots of board games and time spend together.











Even though we were traveling a lot on July, we also did a ton of work, too!  The best part was that I got to enjoy my first two closings back to back!

With Love,

From Me to You