IMG_4950 2014-Family of Three


2016-Family of Four


Husband and Father. Realtor. Die-hard Green Bay Packer Fan. Fantasy Football fanatic. Proud UW Lacrosse Alumnus. ESPN junkie. Handy man. Adventure seeker. Camper. Fisher.


Wife and Mother. Realtor. Educator. Reader. Learner. Reflector. Yoga lover. Proud FSU Alumna.  Proud USF Alumna. Sports fan. Neat freak. Crochetter. Sewing novice. Bargain Shopper.


Big Brother DeGroot. AKA: #VantheMan. Formerly known as LBD. Dinosaur lover. Truck and car fanatic. Book lover. Artist in training. Big talker.  Future Foodie. Gentleman in training.


Newest DeGroot. AKA #CamJam. Formerly known as LBD2. Babbler. Stud-muffin. Diaper filler. Milk lover. Olympic crawler (almost). Soon-to-be walker. Gentleman in training.

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