April 2015

Donovan’s birthday came and went and before we knew it, we had a one-year-old!  Allison and Rachel both traveled to be able to celebrate Donovan’s big day.  It was special having family together to enjoy some quality time together.  Naturally, we had to share with them our favorite spring time treat!



Allison helped Donovan break in his new water table and we made our first batch of home-made ice cream with Doug’s new ice cream maker!



The decorations from the party did not come down right away.  It was due to a combination of being busy and not wanting to acknowledge that Donovan was a one-year-old 😉 Donovan enjoyed playing with his many new toys, but somehow the balloons were his favorite.



Easter sneaked up on us quickly.  We spent Good Friday at mass and then hosted a meat-less night of Catan fun with friends.


We headed to Sarasota for an Easter dinner on Saturday night.  This was the first time that we met Leah’s new boyfriend, John.  He did pretty well with all of our questions and, luckily, he seemed to like us too!  We went to a very interesting Easter Vigil mass, which resulted in lots of muffled laughing.  Donovan did not have the energy to make it through the whole mass, so we headed home to put him to bed.



Donovan hunted for Easter eggs in the morning.  He was very entertained by opening all of the eggs and attempting to put then back together.  His Easter basket was filled with beach toys, sandals, bubbles, and sunglasses.





Mom and Dad were headed back to Virginia for Spring break so we dropped them off at airport on our way home.



In January, I started studying to earn my Real Estate licence.  I took an on-line course because it provided more flexibility for my schedule.  It took a lot of discipline as I was adding another thing to my already maxed out schedule.  It took me a while to even consider getting my license.  Going back to work after Donovan was born was much harder than I imagined.  My job at USF was not as flexible as my job at Davidson had been.  Commuting, pumping, and putting Donovan in full-time daycare was such a drain and everyday I wondered if it was really worth it.  I knew that Donovan would grow up faster than I could imagine and I worried that I would miss it all because of my desire to work full-time. To make it all worse, it never really enjoyed my new job.  I felt like I was on auto-pilot and I didn’t feel that I was using any of my strengths.  It just felt like an empty job.  Don’t get me wrong, there were good things, but when I compared what I gained with what I was missing, it just wasn’t worth it.

I passed my class and the state exam mid-April.  It was such a relief.  The material was so different from anything I had studied in my education courses in undergrad or grad school.  I constantly doubted whether or not I would pass this test, because after all, lots of people do not pass.  I studied my behind off for the tests.  I probably studied hard for this test than I did for any other test in my life.  The weeks leading up to the test consisted of me sitting at the dinning room table taking tons of practice tests.  Doug was amazing.  He made dinners, handled bath time, and had wine on hand for those nights that I knew would be much later than I had hoped.  He was my rock and I would not have passed without his support.  He helped me practice questions that I had missed, he helped me stop over analyzing questions that I knew the answer to, and he was there to tell me that he believed in me and that I would pass this test.


Once I passed my exam, I way able to put in my two weeks notice.  I felt such a sense of relief as I finished out my last weeks!

Donovan was very excited to have more time with his Momma!  He even came with us to the office to sign my paperwork with Keller Williams!

Donovan was very excited to have more time with his Momma! He even came with us to the office to sign my paperwork with Keller Williams!

Doug and I went back and forth about when to get Donovan’s first haircut.  His first birthday seemed like a natural and logical event to mark his first haircut.  But, I just did not want to do it.  I guess it was letting go of Donovan as a baby.  He had the sweetest curls.  However, it was getting long and straggly so it was time to take the big step.  He did pretty well.  The key was distraction and quick movements.  Soon I realized that my concerns were purely sentimental because Donovan looked ever more adorable with his big boy haircut!




Here are a few pictures of Donovan just being cute 🙂

Not impressed by dinner..

Not impressed by dinner..

First Publix cookie!

First Publix cookie!

Fun at the zoo!

Fun at the zoo!

Working on Mother's Day gifts...we might have made a huge mess :)

Working on Mother’s Day gifts…we might have made a huge mess 🙂

With Love,

From Me to You