Donovan: Month Five


This was the dreaded month that Donovan started daycare.  Don’t get me wrong, we found a great daycare and they take great care of him, but it is just hard.  Luckily they have a camera that allows me to watch him all day.  That is, when I’m not working 🙂  And I am so thankful that Doug was able to do most of the dropping off.  There is no better way to ruin a day then to drop your child off at daycare.  I would cry the whole way to work.

There are some great things about daycare.  Donovan gets to interact with other children his age and they always send home the sweetest crafts.  And many of the staff members are moms as well.  Many of them love babywearing so I know that he gets lots of snuggles during the day.

Waiting to move

We were SO ready to move…we were done with stairs and the longs drive.  We were ready to unpack our boxes (for good…or at least longer than a year) and get settled in our very own house.

Finding a Routine

This month was a little bit calmer as we started to get into a routine.  I had my morning and evening commutes down to a science, I was getting used to waking up at 5 am, and I knew exactly what I needed to do in the first 15 minutes when I got home so that I wouldn’t be too tired to make my lunch.  Even as life seemed to be getting more regular, I still wondered how other people did this.  As much as I could manage to shower daily and look presentable at each day, I knew that things still needed work.

Working out, for example, used to be a necessity for each day.  Now, I would be lucky to go up and down the stairs a few extra times.  I didn’t want to leave Donovan when I got home and I physically could not get up any earlier.  Also, breastfeeding and sports bras…that’s enough on that topic 🙂  Doug and I took lots of walks along the water and I did a little running with Stella, but nothing consistent.

How do people work, raise their children, breastfeed, workout, make dinner, spend quality time with their partner, and prepare for the next day?  And don’t forget about those house chores, bills, and other projects that we all have to attend to.  As much as I was feeling more confident in my parenting, I still felt like I would never be able to balance it all.  I had to remind myself that it would take time and that I was being way too hard on myself.

In the midst of survival mode, I had to remember to savor every moment of every day with my little guy.  Everyone constantly reminds you (as if you could forget) that time would fly by so fast.  And, yet I found myself caught in between the hope that I could get through it all and the desire to to slow down the moments with Donovan. In those moments of feeling less than perfect, I had to remind myself that there was nothing greater than being a mom and that my little guy made it all worth it.

Tummy time while Daddy does push ups!
Tummy time while Daddy does push ups!
Donovan meets Dylan!
Donovan meets Dylan!
Ready for football!
Ready for football!
The chaos of our tiny rental...
The chaos of our tiny rental…
Shopping for furniture.
Lunch with GiGi and Grand-dad!
Lunch with GiGi and Grand-dad!


Donovan meets Becky!
Donovan meets Becky!

IMG_5269 IMG_5266

IMG_5370 IMG_5400 IMG_5364

IMG_5521 IMG_5507 IMG_5495

Sleepy guy in the Solly Wrap!
Sleepy guy in the Solly Wrap!
Happy First Birthday, Drew!
Happy First Birthday, Drew!
Happy third Birthday, Stella!!
Happy third Birthday, Stella!!

IMG_5514 IMG_5446

Somebody doesn't want to sleep...
Somebody doesn’t want to sleep…
I love to smooch those cheeks!
I love to smooch those cheeks!
A future Van-go :)
A future Van-go 🙂

IMG_5395 IMG_5349IMG_5539

Five Month Photos

IMG_5555 IMG_5601 IMG_5581 IMG_5575 IMG_5563

Family :)
Family 🙂

With Love,

From Me to You

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