Donovan: Month Three (part two)

We tried to prepare as best we could for our trip to Alaska.  But in the end, there is just no way to be truly prepared to travel across the country with a baby who is under three months.  I read blogs, asked friends, and made lists.  Ultimately, we just had to be flexible and keep a good sense of humor. We flew out of Charlotte to make a connecting flight in Chicago.  To our very happy surprise, Donovan was not at all phased by the plane ride.  He didn’t get fussy at all.  I had heard that nursing at take off and at the landing would help and I guess it did.  Using the cover was a hassle, so luckily, I used Doug as a human shield in case Donovan kicked it off.  I mean, come on, it gets a little toasty under there, so I could understand why he was so against the nursing cover.

I thought this onesie was appropriate since he was going to meet three of his Aunties!


On our leg from Chicago to Anchorage, we hit the jackpot.  No one was assigned to sit next to us so we had a whole row to ourselves.  Thus, Donovan got his own seat, or should I say bed?img_4441 img_4442img_4435Donovan did great on this flight, too.  Even though we prepared for take-off four times before we got in the air.  This was annoying because I would try to nurse him and then find out that we would not be taking-off.  Then I would try again to nurse him and then,  no take-off.  By the time that we did take-off, Donovan was asleep, so no nursing was necessary. The flight was long.  Luckily we had the extra space and free movies to watch.  But changing a diaper on a plane was no simple task. The view flying in was so beautiful.  I cannot even begin to explain how majestic and huge the mountains are.  And the sky and the air just seemed so crisp and clean.


We landed in Anchorage and we were exhausted.  Or at least I was because I can never sleep on planes.  It would have been night time, but Alaska is four hours behind our time-zone and it was summer, so it only got dark late at night.  We got to see some of Doug’s family and we went to buy diapers and other necessities, since we wanted to pack light for our flight.

This is what we bought for Donovan to sleep in. It was certainly an upgrade from his hotel drawer!
This is what we bought for Donovan to sleep in. It was certainly an upgrade from his hotel drawer!
On a morning walk through Anchorage.
On a morning walk through Anchorage.


img_4459 img_4458 img_4457

The next day we drove to Talkeetna, which is a super cute little town near Mount McKinley.  The drive was long and babies do not like long car trips.  Donovan needed breaks to eat and just get out. We arrived in Talkeetna and got to see more family once we got settled in to our cabins.


Just a random moose on the side of the road by our cabin.
Our view. You can see Mount McKinley in the distance.
Our view. You can see Mount McKinley in the distance.

The next day we enjoyed some local food in Talkeetna.  The day was beautiful and clear so we went to the river and caught a beautiful view of Mount McKinley! That night we enjoyed the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.






The soon-to-be newlyweds and Finnley! Love the boots that Cathy made!

img_4491img_4494On the day of the wedding it rained and rained.  It was cold too.  Luckily there were tents to keep us dry.  Even though the day was soggy, the wedding was still beautiful.  Donovan slept through the whole thing.  The food was delicious and it was fun enjoying the soggy-ness together.  Kristin looked beautiful and didn’t mind that her dress got muddy.  It was such a fun wedding and we were so happy for Kristin and Adam!


Donovan’s cute outfit…which he pooped all over only moments after this picture was taken 🙂

img_4569 img_4568 img_4567img_4565img_4574img_4572img_4576img_4571img_4599img_4587img_4585

The next day we watched some soccer and explored more of Talkeetna.


Then we drove to Seward. The views of the water and the land were incredible!  Our cottage was across from the water and it was beautiful to wake up to each day.

img_4600img_4606img_4604img_4603One of my favorite parts of the trip was the tour through the bays in Seward. It was a five hour tour and we saw orca whales, dolphins, tons of birds, a bald eagle, and humpback whales breaching.  We also saw the most amazing icebergs.  It is hard to believe how old there are.

img_4617img_4656IMG_4706IMG_4659IMG_4660IMG_4665IMG_4672 IMG_4668img_4620img_4623IMG_4674 While we were on the ship, Maggie and Sarah were getting engaged!!  We can’t wait for their wedding 🙂 The next day we went for a hike at Exit Glacier.  It was so beautiful!

IMG_4703   IMG_4700  IMG_4698 IMG_4697 IMG_4696 And Doug and I walked about Seward. IMG_4695 IMG_4694 IMG_4693 IMG_4692 IMG_4691 IMG_4690  IMG_4688  IMG_4686 And we got to spend quality time with Doug’s family 🙂 IMG_4685 IMG_4684IMG_4682IMG_4679IMG_4678IMG_4677 Donovan turned three months in Alaska!

IMG_4723IMG_4720IMG_4728IMG_4724IMG_4714IMG_4725IMG_4730IMG_4733 After we left Seward, we stayed outside of Anchorage in a small town named Turnagain Arm.  We enjoyed one last family dinner together before departing for the lower 48.


In the end, I actually loved Alaska way more that I thought I would.  It pushed me outside of my comfort zone since I am not the outdoorsy type.  But, Alaska was so beautiful.  I was in awe of the nature around me.  It reminded me how great and beautifully made the world truly is.  I don’t often get away from the hustle of city/suburban life so, it was welcomed change of pace.  Spending such a special time with Doug’s family was wonderful and together we created so many memories.  We don’t get to all come together often and it is exciting seeing new places together.  It is was also nice just sitting together outside with a glass of wine and talking about life and all of the things that we don’t get to share on a regular basis.  And, sharing our little guy with his family was so sweet to watch and enjoy.

I also have to recognize all of the hard work and planning it took to make this trip so special.  Cathy did so much to make sure that we all were comfortable and that we had everything that we needed on the trip.  All of our lodging was beautiful and the food was delicious.  I know that she spent a lot of time making sure that everything was just right.  And she was always so thoughtful when it came to accommodating a baby.  I am so thankful for my mother-in-law 🙂

With Love,

From me to you

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