Donovan: Month Three (part one)

This month was filled with a lot of adventure and change.  And, even when our hearts couldn’t be fuller, our little guy was becoming more and more fun.  We experienced our first belly laugh and Donovan was reacting to us in new ways. He was growing out of the demanding newborn stage.  Life changed from “I need this NOW” , to “I’m getting fussy because I need something soon”.  Donovan was staying awake for longer stretches and we enjoyed more play time together.  Even tummy time was getting better!  It was nice that he was recognizing Doug and I more, which made the role of ‘new parent’ that much sweeter.




The picture taking reached new heights this month since it was easy to find Donovan making cute smiling faces.  Donovan was (and still is) such a happy baby.  I loved capturing those adorable moments whenever I could.  And soon, the camera roll on my phone would be too full.  I was constantly removing old photos to make room for more.  This broke my heart a little each time because these ‘photo dumps’ signified the passing of time.  I still looked back at the newborn pictures in awe of the wonder that had entered our lives just a few months before.  I still needed to pinch myself to confirm that this was ‘real life’ and  that we had truly been so blessed.  And, I simultaneously and absurdly, dreaded the passing of time.  I wanted to freeze every moment possible because they were going by too quickly.




Donovan was growing and gaining weight much better after we fixed all of the breastfeeding issues.  He was (and still is) measuring much longer than his weight.  I guess we have a tall skinny guy on our hands.  Donovan’s length also forced me to put away the newborn clothes before he turned 3 months.  I suppose that is normal, right? But, I sure tried to keep those clothes on him as long as possible.  As if, putting them away was the first signal that my little guy wasn’t so little anymore 😦

We were so lucky that Donovan never experience the dreaded ‘colic’.  He did enjoy interrupting our dinners every night with a fussy period, but it was nothing that baby-wearing couldn’t fix. Thank goodness for my Maya wrap!



Watching ESPN and breaking the no-screen-time rule...
Watching ESPN and breaking the no-screen-time rule…


This "taco" was such a lifesaver!
This “taco” was such a lifesaver!

My time at Davidson was coming to a close and it was hard to believe that three years in North Carolina had flown by.  Nostalgia slowly crept in, as it often does, when a chapter in life is about to close.  I spent so much time reflecting about how our lives had changed:

We had met some incredible people, who I would consider life-long friends and mentors.

I had learned so much about myself and about my field, especially after working at my institution.

Doug had changed careers and had found Real Estate, which was a career that allow his strengths to thrive.

We adopted Stella, even after I had sworn that I would never become a dog-lover 🙂

And Doug and I has grown so much as a couple.  Looking back, that first year was so hard.  We had experiences so many life-changes after being married (new state with no support network, new jobs, first time living together).  We knew that we wanted an adventure and moving to North Caroline had been just that.  I am so thankful for the time that we had together working through all of the growing pains and experiencing such a beautiful state.

Three years and so much to be thankful for.

Celebrating our third wedding anniversary...with a night in and some take-out.  How parenthood changes you!
Celebrating our third wedding anniversary…with a night in and some take-out. How parenthood changes you!

So in the midst of finishing my job, packing, and adjusting to life with a baby, I was job searching.  I mean, ONE of those life events is enough, but I guess I like making my life extra crazy!  Luckily I was able to make it all work and I accepted an offer to become at academic advisor at USF!

I had to make the announcement with a USF onesie!
I had to make the announcement with a USF onesie!
Some of the madness...
Some of the madness…

Donovan experienced his first road-trip when we drove to Savannah to meet my family for Father’s Day.  We brought Stella with us so my family could bring her back to Florida.  This helped make the movie a little bit easier and they were able to watch her while we were in Alaska.  The weekend was filled with sightseeing, eating (entirely too much), and celebrating our Dads!

Yup...Donovan slept in a drawer. We didn't quite have this whole traveling with a baby thing down yet ;)
Yup…Donovan slept in a drawer. We didn’t quite have this whole traveling with a baby thing down yet 😉





Doug's First Father's Day!!
Doug’s First Father’s Day!!

This was Doug’s first Father’s Day and he deserves some major praise.  I am so thankful for his support through my pregnancy and after Donovan’s arrival. He has always been there to help share in the many responsibilities that parenthood entails. Late night feedings, diaper changes, or fussy spells; we have been in it together.  Doug is truly a wonderful Dad who has stepped into this role so well.  Donovan is lucky to have such a patient and thoughtful Dad, who will teach him so much for many years to come.  I have loved watching Doug approach the challenges of parenthood with his unique flare and creative solutions. It is has amazed me how I have fallen even more in love with Doug, as I have watched him become such an amazing and loving father.


Best eyeball surprise ever!
Best eyeball surprise ever!
Stella made it to Florida :)
Stella made it to Florida 🙂

The biggest adventure was going to Alaska for Kristin and Adam’s wedding.  But you will have to wait until the next post to hear all about it 🙂

With Love,

From me to you

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