The First Trimester: Keeping THE Secret

I hate keeping secrets.  I am a horrible liar.  I cannot keep track of the white lies and fibs that are woven when you can’t be truly honest.  And have I mentioned that my poker face is non-existent?

As many of you know, the beginning of the school year is the busiest time of year for me.  We spend all summer planning for our student staff training and when they arrive I kiss my personal life good-bye.  Two weeks of 12+ hour days is hard enough, but I had the joy of balancing the demanding schedule with morning sickness (I wish it was just in the morning) and fatigue.

Somehow, I made it through.  I am incredibly thankful for the support of my co-workers, Brian and Shanoya.  I knew that I had to tell them what was going on before they noticed that I was not on my game during the most important time of year.

Brian and I were running and errand off-campus.  Brian made a random, off-handed comment about me be pregnant and, being the horrible liar that I am, I was so caught off guard and couldn’t think of anything to say.  Brian, who was driving and looking for our stop, completely missed his turn.  I told him  that I was in fact pregnant and he was totally surprised.  So much so that he missed his turn for a second and then a third time.  Shanoya, on the other hand, took the news much better.  They both were excited for me and Doug and they played a huge role in helping me through my pregnancy while at work.

With Love,

From Me to You

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